Norms for entry into the ACC

In concordance with the spirit of the ACC, whose mission is to diffuse and promote the activity of Coaching in Chile, it is essential that the ACC be constituted as an active institution, inspiring and getting those persons that practice Coaching interested in belonging to the Association. Therefore, it is necessary to create guidelines for the acceptance of persons into the Association.

Under the premise that Coaching is currently a profession with ethical standards and which requires specific skills, it is important to point out that for the ACC not any learning process corresponds/is equivalent to the required level of training in Coaching, for which reason it has been defined that applications will be considered proving relevant skills and abilities for the development of the role as Coach.

Due to the above, the ACC will accept as members all those who have gone through training mainly focused on the process of Coaching and those who practice the profession, through a process of experience recognition.



In view of the above, the procedure for entering the ACC will operate as follows:

1) Interested party must send an entry application letter addressed to ACC’s Board of Directors, to the Executive Vice-President ( including his(her) background information and Curriculum Vitae.

2) Evaluation of the application by the Admission Committee, which will be appointed by the Board of Directors and will operate under the following criteria, reserving the right to admission:   

a. Immediate Acceptance of Coaches certified in the following training courses: 

ICC Neuro-linguistic Coaching

ICI Integral Coaching

Ontological Coach trained by The Newfield Network






b. The persons who have graduated from other Coaching Schools, not mentioned above, or who exercise the profession of Coaching and do not have specific Coaching training, must also fulfill the following requirements:

Provide written testimony from at least 5 clients, who can be contacted by the Admission Commission.

Have an interview with the Admission Commission, in which he(she) will be requested to perform a coaching session.

Take a written examination.   

3) Once the application is accepted, the candidate/applicant must send a letter to the Vice-President of the ACC stating that he(she) adheres to the Ethics Code that appears in the ACC website (

The annual fee is $ 55.000 , and is payed in advance.